How to Replace Kitchen Doors

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

When you want a new look for your kitchen that is effective and visually striking without being expensive, take a moment to consider replacing your kitchen cabinet doors.

  • Measure Kitchen Doors

Before you start, measure your cabinets and ascertain the size of the doors that you need. You do not want to chose kitchen doors that are too small or too large. Read some of our technical tips on measuring.

  • Remove Kitchen Doors

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws and hinges of your old door, and remove the kitchen doors. Clean the edge of the opening to remove any grime or debris. At the same time, attach the hinges to your new cabinet doors using your new hardware.

  • Painting Kitchen Doors

If you intend painting kitchen doors or wish to finish the cabinet doors in any way, make sure that you do so before you put the hardware on.

  • Aligning Kitchen Doors

Ask someone to hold the cabinet door to the opening for you. Make sure that the door is placed where you want it to be placed, and trace around it with a light pencil line. Also push the pencil through the openings in the hinges, giving you a hint as to where the screws will go through.

  • Fitting Kitchen Doors

Ask the person to hold the kitchen cabinet door up to the opening again, using the pencil lines as a guide. This time, insert the topmost screw through the top hinge, and the lowermost screw through the lower hinge. Swing the door out, and see how it hangs. If it hangs in a way that you like, insert the rest of the screws accordingly. If the door hangs unevenly, remove the screws and try again. If the screws for the hinges are particularly large, drilling a pilot hole is a good idea.

Your kitchen doors add a great deal to the visual nature of your kitchen, so choose ones that really suit your personality and look. View a range of our finished kitchens for inspiration. Visit our showroom or contact an Agetek kitchen expert for any more help required.or any more help required.