Kitchen Design – Is a Kitchen Island a Good Idea?

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Crowded kitchens hassle cooks in all different types of settings. The typical kitchen design does not give cooks enough space to work their magic. There may be enough storage space, but cooks still need enough room to prepare the food to be consumed.

Kitchen islands are a popular way to make give you more counter and storage space.  Consider how valuable an island can be to a kitchen, and you’ll realise why so many modern kitchens have them. Meals can be created and served a lot more quickly thanks to a kitchen island, especially if your family is in a hurry.

Good Kitchen Design:

The uses and benefits of an island as part of good kitchen design are numerous.

    • STORAGE: If your kitchen is lacking storage areas, a kitchen island may solve your problem. You can have additional drawers, pull out shelves, and extra cabinet space.
    • KEEPING PEOPLE CLOSEBY: An island is also great for kids or guests to sit at and be in close eye view.
    • BREAKFAST BARS: Depending on your space, a kitchen island can become a breakfast bar by adding some stools, which also increases your  overall seating capacity.
    • COOKER HOOD: Add a range hood (cookerhood) over your stove/grill and now your island becomes the main hub of cooking and entertaining.
    • SURFACE AREA: Kitchen islands extend the amount of space available on kitchen worktops making life a lot easier for cooks!

So, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite dishes for the sake of speed and convenience. Every person is capable of cooking delicious foods if they have adequate space to make their culinary creations come to life.

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