Bedroom Design Tips

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Designing a bedroom takes the key elements of design and makes them relevant for the space. The purpose of the room is relaxation and rest. The main focal point is the bed. Accessory furniture includes arm chairs, dressers, wardrobes and more. Improvements and design renovations for bedrooms are as simple as changing the colour theme and the wardrobe doors.

Modernising a Bedroom

Bedroom design styles and themes include colour and style like old world, rustic and contemporary. For instance, you may make your little girl a Victorian styled room fit for a princess. As adorable as the room is for a girl under 14 years of age, a teen having friends over does not want a princess room any more. Modern and chic is a good choice for the teen and young adult. Victorian details like canopy beds and dainty white detailed wardrobes and dressers are definitely out.

However, you do not need to throw away all the furniture from your little girl’s room to modernize the space. As an example, a wardrobe does not need to be replaced. You can contact for custom doors that fit the furniture. Small changes like a good coat of paint and new doors are all that is needed to totally transform the wardrobe and the room to give them a contemporary appearance.

Simply Making a Difference

New wardrobe doors and different wall colour and curtains at the windows go a long way to changing the design style of a bedroom. Of course, the bed that is the focal point of most bedrooms may need a different headboard and comforter. Area rugs and new throw pillows for the bed and lounge do their part to add innovation to the room.

Simple changes really do make a big difference in bedroom design!


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