Environmental Policy

Cowood Ltd. t/a Agetek Doors is aware that its business activities impact upon the environment and is committed to ensuring these activities have the least possible detrimental effect. In an independent environmental assessment, conducted by Enterprise Ireland on 2 August 2012, Cowood Ltd. t/a Agetek Doors was found to be SATISFACTORY in relation to all regulatory and best practice guidelines relating to:

  • Effluent Discharges
  • Atmospheric Emissions
  • Waste Management
  • Bulk Storage
  • Noise Abatement

Furthermore Cowood Ltd. t/a Agetek Doors is committed to:

  • Continuing to comply fully with all regulatory obligations and corresponding codes of practice;
  • Continuously assessing, and seeking to reduce, environmental impacts while improving resource efficiency by minimising waste;
  • Promoting employee awareness of the key environmental compliance and resource efficiency issues through training, setting of targets and the promotion of behavioural change;
  • Working with our customers to make more environmentally sensitive choices;
  • Monitoring our progress with regard to improved environmental compliance, resource sustainability and carbon emission reduction;
  • Communicating this policy to stakeholders and to the public.

These commitments will be carried out in line with our environmental policy

Frank Colton
Managing Director