Care and Maintenance of your New Kitchen

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Here at agetek we want you to take pleasure from your new kitchen for as long as possible. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your kitchen looking newer for longer!


Never install your new wood products into a damp or newly plastered room as the moisture can cause the wood to swell. Keep your wood products in a dry room and stored flat until the desired room is moisture free.


Laminated surfaces are generally very easy to clean. Always clean your door surfaces with warm soapy water and dry off using a soft cloth. Never use abrasive scouring pads or metal objects. If you are cleaning vinyl counter top or worktop surfaces you can use a cream cleaner. If you have very light coloured countertops  which are stained from eg. beetroot or tumeric spices, a very light solution of bleach can help lighten the stain. Use a nylon nail brush to clean the area and rinse and wipe the affected area afterwards. Leaving bleach to sit on a surface will discolour and weaken the laminate.


Never leave hot objects directly on a laminated surface as it will lift or burn it. Use heatproof glass tops or other surface protectors near your cooking areas. Boiling water and cooking splashes will not harm your worktops, but it should be wiped off as soon as possible. Also be careful that appliances that produce steam like kettles and toasters are not directly or very close to your laminate doors as steam can loosen the laminate over a prolonged time.

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