Kitchen Design – Measure Up for your Fitted Kitchen

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Thinking about updating your home’s fitted kitchen? If you are planning on giving your kitchen design a makeover so that it looks refreshed and updated you can usually make a rough calculation for the amount of wall space you will need to buy tiles for, or the amount of paint you will need for the ceiling.

However, if you are making more fundamental changes, like redesigning the layout or replacing old kitchen cabinets and kitchen units, then a more accurate approach to measuring the space is called for. After all, you don’t want to buy a coordinated range of floor and wall cabinet units, new sink and taps and a cooker, only to find they don’t fit in together neatly.

Kitchen Design – Ceilings and Walls

Measure the height of your ceiling. Take several measurements to make sure it there is a uniform height in the room. Not all kitchen carcasses have the same head space. Use a tape measure and, if you can, work in a pair so that it is easier to check that the tape is held vertically. Write down the measurements you take in systematic way so that when you look at them again, you know what each refers to.

Now make the same measurements for the walls of your kitchen. Don’t just measure the four basic walls. Remember that most kitchens will have a recess or a projection into the room, for instance to house boxed in pipes. Make sure your tape measure is held horizontally by placing a spirit level next to it as you use it.

Kitchen Design – Doors and Windows

Take more measurements for any doors and windows that are in your kitchen. You won’t be able to house some wall cabinet units in places where you have windows, so you need to know where they all are. A good tip is to buy a laser measuring tool, like those used by estate agents, as it speeds up the process.

Taking time to properly measure your kitchen will inform your kitchen design and help you choose the right kitchen units. For more advice on your kitchen design, come and visit our kitchen and bedroom showrooms at Tullamore Co. Offaly. E-mail us for information about any of our products at or phone at +353 (0) 5793 21860.