How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets?

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Kitchen cabinets enhance the look and efficiency of your kitchen. The style of your kitchen cabinets is vital to your overall kitchen design.

It’s time to forget your grandmother’s plain wood cabinets with the peel-and-stick shelf paper and boring hardware and choose cabinets that bring beauty and flair to your kitchen.

If you have those boring old dingy cabinets with the tattered shelf paper and you’re ready for a change, there are a multitude of styles and materials of kitchen cabinets. You can stay traditional with wood or keep the traditional look of wood with easy to clean vinyl doors and cabinets. Vinyl kitchen cabinets are available in virtually any wood-grain look. Why not match your new cabinets to your existing tiled or wooden floor? If it’s real wood you want, you can choose anything from a rustic unfinished look to cabinets painted in colours from traditional to trendy and modern.

Kitchen Cabinet Top Tips

If you’re working on your own kitchen design, you can pick kitchen cabinets from vintage to modern. Oak is a perfect cabinet material for a restored farmhouse. White cabinets look gorgeous in a black and white kitchen with a checkerboard floor. Dark wood kitchen cabinets complement marble counter tops. If you have beautiful antique or vintage china and you’re tired of having it stacked up and hidden behind closed cabinet doors, why not pick open or glass-front kitchen cabinets? You can even choose a combination of open and regular cabinets so that your most-used cooking accessories or spices are quickly available while your dishes are out of sight.

Whatever kitchen design is on your mind, we can create the perfect cabinets to complement it. Call or email us today for a consultation on 05793 21860 or email us on for help and advice.