Delivery Procedures

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

We need to make sure that both our drivers, and you, our customers are kept safe at this time.  We will be performing deliveries while following the guidelines on social distancing and minimising handling. Our policy on masks is to wear them if within 2m of anyone. And we would ask anyone working that close to our drivers does the same. Our drivers will not be entering your premises unless there are very wide corridors, large airy spaces and they are 100% comfortable in the situation. They will not be touching or handling any of your equipment, handles, machines or paperwork.

You will be getting a text the day before we deliver to you. Please be sure to be there to take in the delivery. If you cannot, please let us know as soon as you can as we will be loading the vans the day before. We only want to load the van once, as we want to minimise the handling on everything.  Even last minute items like rolls of edging / cut sheets need to be in 2 days before delivery.

If we arrive and no one is there, and you’ve not alerted us, we will have to bring it back to our factory and deliver it again on the next delivery run at an additional charge or if only something small that the drivers can lift on their own it will be left outside for you

Ideally, our driver will reverse to your door, open the van and indicate what is yours. You can then take your order.  The driver will have our copy of your paperwork, and give you yours in an envelope that has come from the office. Outside the envelope will be written all the order numbers this delivery covers. The driver will take a photo of that envelope with the numbers with either you, or your premisis in the photo. That is our new Proof of Delivery, and removes the need to hand us any paperwork back. Should there by to-follows or notes written both you and the driver can make the notes on your own copies.

At the start of each delivery, and at the end of each delivery our drivers will be sanitising their hands, and sanitising the handling surface of his gloves. We advise anyone handling the goods to do the same. We will be changing our heavy duty gloves once per day. As we only handle our own goods, we think this is a good system.

If it means our driver and you need to work closely together to unload something heavy or awkward, then our driver will wear a mask, and we would ask if you would wear one as well. If you don’t have one, our driver will have some disposables ones. If you don’t want to wear a mask, please have someone else there to help you lift the large items out. 

Please note we are not trying to be awkward, but our driver will be visiting up to 20 places per day, and we need to be sure for everyones sake that they cannot catch Covid, and cannot spread covid.  Please make sure you keep 2m minimum distance, for your sake as well as our drivers.

Collection Procedures

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

To place an order:

Please email it in. We would prefer to handle as little paper as possible, and have as few visits as possible at this time.  Orders should be sent to No more fag packets and torn envelopes 🙂

For collections: 

Please make sure you have ordered everything via email before coming to collect, AND have received confirmation that it is ready before coming to collect. Please do not park at the loading doors before going in to the office.

ONE customer at a time can visit the hatch, and we have a one way in, one way out system in place.  Please sanitise on your way in before visiting the counter. We will be taking EVERYONES temperature. If you have a cough, sore throat or high temperature, we would prefer you did not visit.

First, visit the office through the main doors. Please sanitise on your way in and have your temperature logged.  You can confirm what orders you are collecting and sort the payment in the office.   The office will give you your copy of the invoice and pass the Agetek copy to the despatch team to get your order loaded.

There is no way through to the factory floor for customers. Please respect that.

You then exit the main door, and go round to the customer collection doors on the left side of the building.  If they are closed, there is a new door bell there that you can press.  Feel free to use our sanitiser before and after pressing the bell, in fact we are very keen that you do.  Reverse your van to the doors, not inside. The despatch team will confirm the order numbers, and get your order over to the door. You can then load your order.

If you need assistance with any large or heavy items which requires working close to any of our staff, BOTH our staff member and you, the customer, will need to wear a mask. If you don’t have one, one will be provided.  Again, Sanitise your hands before and after handling goods.

Corona Virus

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Agetek, as with all businesses, are following closely updates by our government, the health service and our social responsibility. We know that we have some customers that have to get jobs finished as there are people trying to move into homes, or complete renovations. We are doing our best to make sure we get those jobs completed.

We are taking a number of steps to safeguard our Staff and our customers. These are as follows:

  1. The Showroom is closed. We would ask that you do not send any homeowners to us to see the showroom.
  2. All supplier meetings are off. We would strongly prefer not to have any suppliers visit us except for deliveries.
  3. Trade customers can still collect their orders, The use of gloves is mandatory, and will be provided if you do not have your own with you. Please let our own staff roll the trolleys over and back.
  4. We would prefer bank transfer and card based payments. We are currently still accepting cash, but would prefer cashless payments.
  5. Restricted access in our building. We have placed yellow lines beyond which customers cannot go. Our staff will bring your order right to the door, where you can load it into your van/truck. We would prefer if our staff do not handle any part of your vehicles.
  6. Product Returns: We would prefer if you did not do any product returns during this period. If you need a replacement, and want to get a credit for something you have, Please send in photos by email of what the problem is, as well as the invoice / delivery note that went with the product, and we will take it from there.
  7. Our staff have new procedures to recycle gloves, keeping their social distance etc. if you visit us, please be aware they are taking this very seriously as are we.
  8. Please use email to submit any orders, in preference to dropping in pieces of paper.
  9. If you have an order that you think you need to cancel, please talk to us as quickly as possible. once it’s made, its made!
  10. If you have an order that you will not be collecting for quite some time, let us know that too. We only have so much storage space, and we need to use it efficiently.

In Summary, We are currently closed,

Beech foil not available

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Our supplier has stopped production of the Elmau beech foil, and we are down the last roll of Tauren beech.

We are looking for an alternative, but as of now we have withdrawn beech as a color in our foiled range.

We still have Beech chipboard, edging tape, cornice and lightshield.

Drilling doors for Hinges

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Did you know that we can drill your doors for Blum hinges? We also can supply 100 degree, 180 degree and cranked hinges. We offer soft close hinges as an option in 100 degree hinges.

When drilling doors, we will bore them 100mm from the top, 100mm from the bottom, and 1 or 2 more in the middle if they are tall doors. On doors that are “Handed” because of an arch in the pattern, an inset handle or with 2 panels, we need to know if we are to drill left or right. If you do not specify, we must assume you do not mind.

Expando Hinges

We can drill for Expando or regular mount hinges.

Expando Hinges have plastic plugs that require alignment holes beside the main hinge hole

Expando Hinges have plastic plugs that require alignment holes beside the main hinge hole

Regular Hinges

Regular hinges have to be aligned by the installer.

Regular hinges have to be aligned by the installer.


Base plates for Expando hinges require Expando style drilling in the carcass.

Base plates for Expando hinges require Expando style drilling in the carcass.

When ordering doors to be bored, be sure to state which type of hinge you would prefer. If you do not specify which type, we will drill for regular hinges.

Drilling doors for hinges is an extra cost service we offer. If it’s not specified otherwise, doors will not be bored.