Collection Procedures

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

To place an order:

Please email it in. We would prefer to handle as little paper as possible, and have as few visits as possible at this time.  Orders should be sent to No more fag packets and torn envelopes 🙂

For collections: 

Please make sure you have ordered everything via email before coming to collect, AND have received confirmation that it is ready before coming to collect. Please do not park at the loading doors before going in to the office.

ONE customer at a time can visit the hatch, and we have a one way in, one way out system in place.  Please sanitise on your way in before visiting the counter. We will be taking EVERYONES temperature. If you have a cough, sore throat or high temperature, we would prefer you did not visit.

First, visit the office through the main doors. Please sanitise on your way in and have your temperature logged.  You can confirm what orders you are collecting and sort the payment in the office.   The office will give you your copy of the invoice and pass the Agetek copy to the despatch team to get your order loaded.

There is no way through to the factory floor for customers. Please respect that.

You then exit the main door, and go round to the customer collection doors on the left side of the building.  If they are closed, there is a new door bell there that you can press.  Feel free to use our sanitiser before and after pressing the bell, in fact we are very keen that you do.  Reverse your van to the doors, not inside. The despatch team will confirm the order numbers, and get your order over to the door. You can then load your order.

If you need assistance with any large or heavy items which requires working close to any of our staff, BOTH our staff member and you, the customer, will need to wear a mask. If you don’t have one, one will be provided.  Again, Sanitise your hands before and after handling goods.