Affordable Kitchens – Quality that Doesn’t Bust Your Budget

Monday, November 11th, 2013

It is ingrained in our minds that quality custom-made products are a luxury. In addition, we rarely have the time to create individual kitchen concepts and then go about executing them, so a standard solution from a big furniture chain seems like the best idea. The trouble with that? Houses are not built to a standard. They have unique space distributions to which a catalogue fitting often cannot adapt.

Agetek embraces the uniqueness of every home and makes non-standard solutions its only standard. We base our designs on the unique features of your home and execute them with quality materials at prices which consistently beat the big chains. This happens because our individual approach allows us to optimise every step of the production and fitting process, and we pass the savings on to you. In the end, we provide affordable kitchen luxury – and who can say “no” to that?

When a fitter approached us for a price quote on a full kitchen last week, he did so with the conviction he would eventually go for Ikea or B&Q. When he saw our price was lower than theirs, we got his attention. When he realised we accommodated each of his client’s requirements and used superior materials than the competition, we got the deal.

This is why Agetek outdoes its modular competitors every time style and character come into play – and we believe they always should! Whenever you want to go off standard, our experience, integrity, and production capabilities guarantee quality solutions tailored to your needs as well as to your pocket.

Agetek’s expertise and non-standard solutions can save you money and look great. View our range of affordable kitchens:

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Affordable Kitchens