Classic Kitchen Carcasses

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Well-designed cabinets are the major attraction of modular kitchens. Cabinets not only need to look good, they should also be sturdy. Good cabinets rest on good quality carcases, which is what kitchen fitters look for when buying. Agetek offers kitchen carcasses of top quality at very reasonable costs. Not only that, the Agetek quality is known for its long-lasting feature.

Kitchen Manufacture – Eggerboard Kitchen Carcasses

The Kitchen Carcasses that come from Agetek are fabricated from Eggerboard, a leader in high-quality chipboards. The bases, backs, sides, shelves and tops are all made of 18 mm Eggerboard, which ensures sturdiness and a strong framework. There is absolutely no fear of inferior material, such as 15 mm thick boards, being used in the construction. This also ensures that any type of door will fit well with Agetek Kitchen Carcasses, thereby creating smooth functioning cabinets that last long.

Much to the benefit of cabinet fitters, Agetek comes with the convenient feature of all units in an assembled form, i.e. with the drawers and the shelves fitted. This is quite major an advantage for fitters because it can save a lot of time at the site. It would also ensure a perfect fit and, therefore, a better finish.

Another attractive feature for fitters is that Agetek, being the manufacturer, can produce carcasses of standard sizes as well as custom-based measurements. This offers many options for fitters catering to a wider range of customers.

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