Kitchen Design – Inframe Kitchens

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Inframe Kitchen Design – What it is and why you would use it?

Agetek offer custom built Inframe Kitchens – also called ‘face frame’ – where the kitchen doors and drawers are built into a frame. The Inframe Kitchen Design is a traditional style and remains popular because of the increased durability of its units in this most important of family rooms. An Inframe Kitchen also provides a stronger overall unit, as the doors cannot sag or drop out of alignment over time and usage, in comparison with the fate that can befall heavily used kitchen doors directly mounted onto the cupboard carcase. Agetek kitchens can tailor an Inframe Kitchen to match the kitchen of your dreams.

A custom built Inframe Kitchen can include all the kitchen accessories modern life demands, or simply desires! The addition of customised trays or drawers allows for maximised storage and style, while the increased stability of the frame makes it the best fit for kitchens designed for both old and new houses. This key room in a house deserves to be carefully constructed, built to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear, and made to match your way of life.

The look of the kitchen can be just as important as it’s functionality and Agetek Kitchens offers a wide range of high quality kitchen doors to front the Inframe Kitchen ranging from the traditional painted, and solid wood options, as well as the contemporary high gloss and vinyl options in a variety of shapes, shades and colours. This flexibility of components combined with stability of structure means that an Inframe Kitchen provides a genuine blending of traditional and modern lifestyles. The Inframe kitchen ensures that the heart of the house is as strong and durable as your home.

Agetek can help you plan the kitchen design best suited to your needs and turn your dream home into a reality. Email your queries to