Kitchen Accessories – Choosing the Best Cooker

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

One of the most important kitchen accessories is the cooker. It’s the hardest-working appliance in the room and usually provides years of service if you treat it well. When it comes to buying a new one, however, do you just replace your old one with a newer version, or do you go for something totally different? Is a freestanding cooker, a range or a built-in oven and hob the way to go?

A freestanding cooker is the cheapest option. You can get one delivered and wired in fairly quickly with little fuss. You can buy both electric and gas versions, and the oven and the grill fit neatly underneath the hob. You can find freestanding cookers which are traditional, minimalist, industrial, retro, black, white or stainless steel and they will look good with most existing kitchen accessories.

Range cookers are much wider so you need to have enough free space to fit one into your kitchen. Think about what you might have to remove to fit a range in before you set your heart on one. They have several hob rings, usually six or seven, and more than one oven. Often there’s a warming area too, so these are perfect if you enjoy cooking for a crowd. They come in a choice of industrial or farmhouse style, so you may have to treat yourself to some new kitchen accessories to create a lovely new look.

Built-in cookers will give you the most flexibility. You can have the oven and grill fitted at the height that suits you, and in the location you find most convenient. You can also choose the power supply you like best; have an electric oven and with a gas hob or vice versa, it’s entirely up to you. Having the cooker built-in gives a kitchen a sleek and streamlined look which really looks top quality. You can maximise your kitchen space with a built-in oven by adding cupboards below and above where you can store your pans, baking sheets and muffin tins. Finish it all off with a stylish Agetek kitchen hood that not only extracts the steam and odours, but lights your hob working space too.

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