Kitchen Design – Maximising your worktop space

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Kitchen Design – What do you use your kitchen for? For Agetek, this is the most important question when helping you create the worktop space you’ve always wanted. Your kitchen might be the home of your humble but hearty casserole, or world-beating cheese on toast; or you may use it for chef-inspired home baking, crammed with choux pastry and souffle. Whether it’s the simple everyday or the showpiece of your home, you know your kitchen better than anyone – and Agetek can help you to craft the right space for you.

Kitchen Design – Maximise your worktop space

The worktop is likely to be where most everyday tasks get done in your kitchen, and in designing a new kitchen it’s essential to create as much surface space as possible for your needs. Think about which appliances need to be out at all times, and which could have a cupboard or storage space designed for them; consider the amount of space you want to reserve for the sink, draining board and cooker tops; and plan your kitchen around your specific requirements. If you want to make room for the coffee machine you can’t do without, or you want your most regularly-used herbs and spices on display for ease, Agetek can take you through your ideas and ensure the end result works perfectly for you.

Agetek Kitchen Counter Tops are available in sixteen different surfaces, from granite to walnut or beech block, and are designed specifically for your needs. Choose the size and layout of worktop space for your needs (of course, you’ll need to get the tape measure out and measure up for this part); look for the colours and materials that will work for you; and then you’re ready to contact Agetek to take you through the design and fitting process.

Agetek can help you plan the kitchen design best suited to your needs and turn your kitchen dream into a tailored, personal reality. Email your queries here.