Kitchen Design – Handpainted Kitchen and Bedroom Ideas

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

One of the current trends in home and kitchen design is the hand-painted look. Recognising this fashion, manufacturers are supplying kitchen and bedroom furniture with a hand-painted finish. It’s amazing how something so low-tech as a paint finish can bring a tired room right up to date.

With regard to styles and colours, there are no set rules when it comes to kitchens or bedrooms, other than to make sure you find a look you’ll be happy to live with for several years. However, certain trends are coming to the forefront, such as having higher kitchen cupboards finished in one colour and lower ones in a contrasting or complementary colour. A good combination would be white or cream for the higher cupboards and a strong colour, such as Burgundy or Lincoln green for the lower cupboards, but the contrast can be achieved in a number of ways, such as by selecting some doors in a painted finish and others in a more natural-looking wood. One way of selecting the colour of your new furniture or fittings is to match them to items that belong in the room, such as a lamp or utensils.

Whether it is a kitchen or a bedroom, you should let the size and shape of the room guide your choice of colour. For example, a paler colour will add an illusion of space to a small room, while darker colours can make a room feel cosier, which would be particularly desirable for a bedroom. Agetek have a wide range of products in different finishes, suitable for all kinds of kitchens and bedrooms, whether it’s a vintage feel or something more modern that you’d like. Have a look through our galleries of pictures. There’s bound to be something there that will inspire you.

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