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Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Agetek Kitchen Accessories allow you have in-drawer larders for corners. It offers ample storage space, so that you can have easy access to ingredients and also be organised while cooking up a storm!

Previously, homes had larders in a cool corner of the house and consisted mostly of cabinets and shelves. This takes up space and invariably was not very practical. However, with homes getting smaller or with people looking for more convenience and better space utilisation, Agetek Kitchen Units offer an in-drawer solution that not only increases accessibility to the larder, but also helps make it easier to store ingredients and other perishables that require storage. Just pulling out the drawer will give you access to the ingredients and allow you to view everything that you have stored. If you are in the middle of meal preparation and need an ingredient, it is easy to open the larder drawer and reach out and take whatever ingredient you need without having to look for it.

Benefits of In Drawer Larders

The style and design of the larder makes it easy to organise the drawer for easy access and visibility. The sliding larder is easy to install and fits into corners, and you will not need to do any major remodelling. And, you can get a design that matches your current kitchen decor or helps to enhance the overall appeal of the kitchen.

If you are looking for a comfortable, convenient and easy storage space for perishable and other food items, a drawer larder for your kitchen corner is the perfect solution.

Agetek provide a range of kitchen accessories that can help you achieve this.

Agetek can also help you to plan the kitchen best suited to your needs. Email your queries here.

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