Kitchen Design – Don’t Obstruct Access to the Kitchen Triangle

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Kitchen is one room in the house where families spend maximum time. It is not just a place to cook food, it’s also a place for the family to sit together and enjoy a meal, and spend quality time together. Hence, a lot of thought should go into the design of a kitchen.
When designing or changing your kitchen, you will hear a lot about the kitchen triangle and how you should go about designing your kitchen, so that the triangle stays unobstructed.

What is the Kitchen Triangle?

There are three main areas of work in a kitchen – the sink, the stove and the fridge. As a rule of thumb, the distance between these items should not be less than 4 feet and not greater than 9 feet. These items should be placed in such a way that when you draw lines to connect them, it should form a triangle. The idea is to have enough space to work freely without being cramped or obstructed. In addition, the area should be free of traffic and not too large to make cooking a problem.

You can look at kitchen design to help you get the ergonomics right, and ensure that you have a beautifully designed kitchen that does not obstruct the kitchen triangle whatsoever and makes cooking a hassle-free task.

Things to Consider for optimum Kitchen Design:

When you are planning the kitchen triangle, there are certain things you need to think about. These include:

  • There should be no obstruction along the path of the triangle. Hence, place the cabinets, bins and kitchen island in such a way that they do not intersect the triangle. If they do, you would have to go around them, wasting time and making cooking tiresome and cumbersome.

  • The kitchen triangle should be placed where household traffic flows. It will cause obstruction when you are cooking. It should just be a work-space for you to do your cooking freely without being disturbed or uprooted.

  • Consider you current kitchen triangle and see how you can increase or reduce the space to help you work more efficiently and quickly. However, make sure that you stay within the measurements.

Modern kitchens are multipurpose rooms where children do homework, families eat meals, and some even have their desk in the kitchen. If your kitchen is a multipurpose room, look at kitchen design to help you create a kitchen work triangle that is unobstructed and also can accommodate other functions of the room, seamlessly.

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