Looking for a cheap Kitchen?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

When it is time to update the look of your kitchen, it does not have to mean gutting the entire kitchen and starting from scratch. Subtle, cosmetic changes to the kitchen, such as fresh paint or wall paper will give a kitchen a brand new look. A change of flooring or window treatment will update an older kitchen design or an out-dated feel .

Low cost – but high quality!

Upgrading your kitchen can be an economical venture and in this case, the term “cheap kitchen” means cheap in price, but not in quality. If you are looking for a cheap kitchen makeover, especially if budget is a concern, look no further than replacing kitchen doors and drawer fronts. It makes no sense to replace the entire cabinet when all they really need is a new front. Replacing the cabinet doors will give the cabinets a whole new look for an cheaper price without replacing the entire cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet door replacement is the least time consuming activity there is when giving your kitchen a new look. The best part is, it does not require advanced knowledge in home improvement to take on the project. Replacing doors in a kitchen is a viable alternative to make a kitchen lighter and brighter or darker and richer without breaking the bank.If you are unsure of the best look for your kitchen, work with an Agetek kitchen expert who will help you establish the theme and look that is just right for your kitchen, at a price that fits your budget.

Why upgrade your kitchen?

Kitchens are upgraded for a variety of reasons, including giving a tired kitchen a fresh and upbeat look or perhaps to make the kitchen more attractive when it is time to sell the house. Some homeowners change their kitchen to accommodate the look of the moment, and to take away the look of wear and tear of a heavily used kitchen.

If a kitchen redo is in order, and your home improvement budget is critical and time is of the essence, consider giving your kitchen a cheap kitchen redo with Agetek – replace your kitchen doors for an updated look and a fresh new feel. It will be like redoing your kitchen from top to bottom and from A to Z, without the cost and time involved in a full new finished kitchen.

Read our blog to see what other kitchen design tips you could incorporate for that new kitchen feel. For more kitchen ideas, or to discuss options for your budget, call to our showroom or talk to an Agetek kitchen expert today. Call +353 (0) 5793 21860  or email info@agetek.ie.