Kitchen Design – Making Your Kitchen Look Larger

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and the place where everyone seems to gather. But if your kitchen is on the small side, you probably wish this central gathering place didn’t look quite so cozy.

You’d be amazed how the right kitchen design can affect the feel and sense of size in the room. Here are some tips for making your kitchen appear larger–even if you’re not knocking down any walls or adding on to your house!

  • Kitchen Design: Cabinet Doors

Consider open or glass-front cabinets. While you may think that open shelving or glass cabinet doors would make your kitchen seem cluttered and thus smaller, the opposite is true–provided that you keep dishes neat and streamlined. The lack of cabinet doors, or the use of glass instead of wood, again maximizes light and space, and opens up the room.

  • Clever Colour Use in Kitchen Design

Use light wall colours. It’s true: dark paint colours really do make a room feel smaller. To open up your kitchen and make it look and feel bigger, paint the walls white or a very pale hue. This visually expands the room and makes it seem open and bright. Keep windows uncovered. This tip may be unconventional, but it works. 

  • Let the World In!

If you don’t mind the decrease in privacy, or you live far away from neighbors anyway, consider leaving your kitchen windows unadorned. Shades and curtains may add style elements to a room, but they also take up space, cover light and make spaces seem more enclosed. Leaving your windows uncovered allows the maximum light into your kitchen, making it seem larger. It also provides an unencumbered view of the outdoors, which visually works as a continuation of the room. Careful choice of kitchen accessories will also help here.

Try these simple kitchen design tactics and see how they can take your small kitchen from feeling crowded to open and spacious. Read more of our kitchen ideas here and contact us at + 353 (0) 5793 21860 for any further information required – one of our kitchen sales and design staff will be happy to help.