Choosing Kitchen Lighting

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

A kitchen is much more than a place to eat. Guests who visit your home are likely to find entertainment in your kitchen. Choosing the correct lighting for your kitchen design will flatter your beautiful appliances and flooring.


Different types of lights serve different purposes in the kitchen area. Dimmed lights make the kitchen cabinet areas look even better, and the guests will always compliment the style of your kitchen when they see the cabinets lit up.

Kitchen accessories often include lights that make those individual areas look better. You could choose an island with a nice lighting display for maximum effect. Island lighting can sit on top of the island or you could choose lamps in different shades on each side of the island for a nice effect.


Kitchen units also need lights so that you can see what you’re doing. Strip fixtures are very popular for cabinets, and you could look into having them installed in your cabinets.

Depending on the color scheme of your personal kitchen, you might want to choose different types of lighting for different cabinets or countertops. In certain kitchen design, the lights under your cabinets might be better if they were fluorescent bulbs. Granite counter tops look best with fluorescent lights beneath the cabinets.

Sink lighting is also very important since this is a heavily used area of the kitchen. Fluorescent lights also work well above sinks, especially if they hang from the ceiling directly overhead. Placing these lights strategically in the best areas helps them come together to form a beautiful display for your kitchen.

Questions about Kitchen Lighting?

If you’re hiring a company to come install these lights, you might ask them for their own tips to give you the best options. See if they could show you some samples of kitchens with different types of lighting, and you might be able to make better decisions for your own kitchen.

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