Top 10 kitchen design tips

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Building your perfect kitchen not only requires a reliable manufacturer and supplier, but a good design. The top ten kitchen design tips shown below will help you steer clear of the common design mistakes people make, and enable you to utilise some little-known design gems.

1. Have a Plan

Having a plan in your head is the most important way to get what you want out of any kitchen project. Without a clear plan and in mind, you will never be able to achieve what you want.

2. Remodel

Re-modelling your kitchen can be a great alternative to tearing apart your existing kitchen and starting again, especially if you are on a budget. Replacing kitchen doors can give your kitchen an entirely different look and feel.

3. Hire a Professional

Although you can save money by doing the design and labour yourself, consulting a kitchen designer and hiring someone to build your fitted kitchen, can save you a lot of stress.

4. Consider Size and Shape

Always bear the proportions of your kitchen in mind before picking your features to avoid size related design issues. Clever choice of kitchen units and kitchen cabinets will complement the form of your kitchen and ensure good use of space.

5. Utility Room

If space is an issue in your kitchen, consider placing bulky units in a separate utility room.

6. De-clutter

Removal of clutter before planning your kitchen will make your life a lot easier during renovation.

7. Smart Storage

There are numerous clever space maximising storage features available for your kitchen. Be sure to investigate these options during your planning. Have a look at our range of storage solutions and kitchen accessories for ideas

8. Built In Appliances

Integrating small appliances within units can be a great way to maximise available space.

9. Floor Design

The design of your kitchen’s floor can make the difference in terms of space. Some clever tile patterns can create the illusion of a larger kitchen.

10. Lighting

Lighting, though often overlooked, is a key feature of your kitchen, so make sure to bear it in mind when planning.

With these tips in hand you should be in the best position to start thinking about renovating your kitchen with the least cost and labour, and greatest effect. For inspiration, browse our galleries or come and visit our kitchen and bedroom showrooms centrally located in Tullamore, Co. Offaly (click here for our location). Contact us for any advice you need: e-mail us at or phone at +353 (0) 5793 21860.