What is a Country Kitchen?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

You may have come across the idea of a country kitchen in the recent past. The idea has been popular amongst interior designers lately and Agetek Kitchen Manufacturers can help you reflect the look.

But what exactly is it that makes a kitchen a country kitchen? It is perhaps the quaintest of kitchen styles. There is a heavy emphasis on mellow and earthy colour schemes, particularly browns, creams and beiges – the stark white of modern kitchen accessories is best avoided. Feel free to add in a few dashes of colour like deep reds, burnt orange or mossy or dark greens.

Tips for achieving the country kitchen look!

Try to keep areas of clean space in the room and not let it become too cluttered. If you have kitchen doors, go for the old-fashioned wooden variety for the true country look. Wooden chairs and stools are also desirable, although it is true that not all kitchens will have space for such furniture. For an all-out effect you could think about choosing utensils that go in with the style: eg. knives and forks with wooden handles or wooden chopping boards and antique style kitchen appliances to truly capture the country feel.

Lighting is another area which is worth thinking about. If possible, use a large window to let in lots of sunlight for a real country morning feel.

The traditionalĀ country style is found in kitchens all around the world, although it could be said that there is a specific look to IrishĀ country kitchens . Belfast sinks are popular when attempting to capture an Irish vibe many kitchens do have display units decorated with willow pattern dishes and authentic Irish delph and ornaments.

If you want more ideas, pay a visit to our country kitchen showroom and see some existing looks first hand. Countless designers are putting their own personal spins on this popular idea, so you should find no shortage of inspiration when putting together a kitchen design of your own. Call us on 05793 21860 or email us on info@agetek.ie